About our Los Angeles Food Tour:

Delish Tours was started in 2015 in order give locals and tourists a taste of the restaurants and culture of Los Angeles, off the beaten path. After tasting countless restaurants in Los Angeles, we have found some of the tastiest local “hole in the walls,” as well as some very highly acclaimed restaurant names. We designed Los Angeles Food Tours to provide guests with well balanced and ethnically diverse tastings that represent the culinary scene in various Los Angeles neighborhoods. We believe that eating the various foods and learning about the restaurant’s’ history will leave guests with a deeper appreciation for each community. Food is essential in bringing people together and revealing the culture of a community, so let Delish Tours take you on a unique adventure that will show you LA through the eyes of a local!


Kaylie Spitzer

Kaylie is the founder of Delish Tours. She loves traveling, she loves cooking, and she loves eating. Traveling, in her mind, does not mean touristy sightseeing – it means exploring local tastes, stories, and details that create a unique community.   When she moved to Los Angeles in 2012, she discovered a multicultural and diverse city that was bonded together by food.

Kaylie began leading food tours in 2014, and she became passionate about sharing hidden LA culinary destinations with locals and tourists alike. Eager to dig deeper into the food world, she trained under Michelin Star Chef Luigi Fineo in an upscale Italian restaurant. She started Delish Tours based on her urge to give people an opportunity to explore LA the way she likes to explore new cities – through a local’s eye on a Los Angeles Food Tour.

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